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EA has been widely recognized as a trustworthy solar product supplier by thousands of customers around the globe since its establishment. Based on more than 5GW of installations worldwide, based on 2850+MW of EA power plant operation data, EA panels consistently out-perform products from peers in the industry and provide more reliable power output than system simulations.

To be successful as a company it’s no longer enough to offer a good product or a beneficial service. Competition also takes place to a great extent in the costs area. The goal here is to secure advantages, for example, with clear savings in energy costs. With a reasonable investment in a solar system, you profit over the long term from solid earnings, while at the same time gaining independence from the energy utilities and their pricing policy. EA offers worldwide commercial and industrial energy users considerable added value by providing smart solar energy solutions and completion of your solar project.

The advantages of working with EA include thorough concepts individually tailored to your basic requirements, necessary venture capital for financing support, one-stop realization of the complete system by EA: everything from the feasibility analysis to commissioning, and rapid ROI. Our portfolio of services includes project development assistance, technical consultant and preliminary system design, financing projection and analysis, bridge financing solutions proposal, system components resourcing, EPC, and O&M.

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Commercial Energy Solutions

EA panels have helped commercial and industrial users worldwide to show their commitment to eliminating carbon emissions and controlling their electricity bills. Given nearly decades of PV components manufacturing knowledge and EPC experiences, EA is adept at providing modularized solar system solutions or tailoring energy replacement solutions based on specific industrial customer needs. In more than 90 countries, including Germany, the UK, Italy, France, U.S., Japan, Australia, Israel, and Chile, EA products and solutions have achieved the trust and recommendation of hundreds of local commercial solar users.

Product & Solutions Recommendation

EA produces a wide variety of PV modules ideally suited for all types of installations. All EA products are fully approved and certified by recognized global standards and laboratories. EA offers a rich module portfolio as the commercial recommendation, includes:

  • Leading Yield Modules, that generate more power and optimize BoS cost.
  • BIPV Modules can be integrated with buildings or partly replace construction materials.
  • Smart Operation Modules that can generate up to 25% more power output than ordinary modules and realize real-time monitoring.
  • Aesthetics Modules, like full black panels, that aesthetically match your buildings and EA ensures its outstanding durability as well.
  • Environment-Adaptable Modules, like Anti-Glare, Anti Salt-Mist modules, that avoid light pollution, reduce light reflection, and stand against harsh environments.
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EA panels have helped commercial and industrial users worldwide to show their commitment to eliminating carbon emissions and controlling their electricity bills. Given nearly decades of PV components manufacturing knowledge and EPC experiences, EA is adept at providing modularized solar system solutions or tailoring energy replacement solutions based on specific industrial customer needs. In more than 90 countries, including Germany, the UK, Italy, France, U.S., Japan, Australia, Israel, and Chile, EA products and solutions have achieved the trust and recommendation of hundreds of local commercial solar users.

Join EA commercial and industrial solar system program now. We provide you with the leading reliable superior-yield performance products and smart energy solutions to immediately help you free your business from rising energy prices, to enhance your energy independence, to make your energy bill more economical, and to decrease your carbon footprint.

EA Powered Projects

Power Your Project with Energy America

As a team of highly skilled and dedicated solar professionals, we are committed to delivering efficient, effective solar solutions to a wide spectrum of organizations. We have a proven track record of working with corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and utilities—providing expert guidance toward the right solution for each specific solar need.

Energy America provides solar solutions to utilities, municipalities, industrial companies, and other organizations—from small-to-midsized businesses to global enterprises. We have delivered a tremendous variety of solutions all over the globe, including ground mount, rooftop, carport, tracking and integrated storage solutions. Despite the fact we have one of the strongest solar resumes in the world, we continue to explore innovations and advances to enhance solar technologies and to solve tomorrow’s complex energy challenge.

Solar panel professional demonstrating holding a solar panel and explaining how it works
When we built the first 1-megawatt grid-tied solar system in South Pacific back in 2010, the solar power industry was still in its infancy. In the years since that milestone, we have routinely developed several multi-megawatt projects annually. Beyond the benefits of the precision engineering of each Energy America component, we offer a depth of project experience that is unmatched in the solar industry. When you engage with us on a project featuring Energy America solar panels, you can capitalize on more than 10 years of manufacturing experience that we have acquired, building proven solutions that you can confidently rely on.

Today Energy America is building some of the most technically complex projects in the world. From integrating multi-megawatt hours of storage to harnessing the power of Energy America’s leading bifacial module technology, Energy America consistently delivers market-leading solutions to solve a wide range of energy needs.

Every solar project with Energy America represents an opportunity for us to deliver on our promise of Real Value— finding the optimal solution to meet your organization’s special challenges. Whether we are integrating megawatts of storage capacity or calculating optimal energy yield on your project, we’ll address your challenges head-on. No stock solutions or scripted answers. Our deep knowledge of solar installations and extensive partnering relationships work in your favor. Energy America builds great projects—balancing technical and cost factors—that last decade. Equally important, we also build great relationships by delivering the right solution for your project.
More than 10 years of module manufacturing gives us the experience to offer you highly efficient, exceptionally reliable solar components. And our 30 years of project construction experience positions us to accurately model your system performance and to provide performance and workmanship guarantees to mitigate your risk. We stand behind the solutions we build. You’re getting more than just a contract; you’re gaining the experience, knowledge, and balance sheet to fully support your investment.
Take advantage of our long and proven track record. Our capabilities meet or exceed those of nearly any other solar developer, ensuring that your experience over the course of an engagement will be straightforward, simple, and problem-free.
You can rest easy knowing that our in-house project and construction management teams will take care of every step in the solar project development process.
Energy America’s in-house engineering team tackles technology challenges of any complexity to deliver strong technical solutions per your requirements. In jurisdictions where Energy America does not have stamping authority, we will coordinate the engineering and permit submittal work.

Energy America Projects & Solutions team can act as the prime or sub-developer, adjusting our involvement in the project to meet project-specific requirements. Please contact our EPC arm Ganymede.


Project Development


Project Finance & Investment


Project Design & Engineering


Project Procurement


Construction Management


Operations & Maintenance

Technical Solutions

From introducing and recommending products through cooperation proposals, preparation of transaction documents, logistics assistance, and on-site service response, EA provides full service from pre-sales through after-sales needs. With more than 20 worldwide subsidiaries and local service teams, we promise to provide professional and efficient responses to all customer requests.

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Solar Module Services Include:

  • Solar business consultation
  • Industry and company news subscription
  • Product and service portfolio information and recommendations
  • Cooperation proposal development
  • Transaction assistance and status updates
  • Logistics status tracking
  • Installation technical assistance
  • Warranty and insurance registration
  • After-sales needs
  • Other needed services

Solar Consultant Service

EA global service team can always answer your solar investment questions. From solar concept introduction, system structure explanation, to the solar investment process, we are always happy to guide customers to realize their clean energy dreams. Please contact Ganymede for detailed information. Ganymede is the EPC arm for Energy America.

Utility-Scale Power Plants

Solar Farm

From product development consulting services to project financing proposals, EA is active in the entire value chain of the solar industry. Our professional knowledge and worldwide service platforms are always available to provide you with comprehensive investment opportunity suggestions and feasible action plans to help to realize your project or enrich your energy portfolio. With thousands of solar module customers around the world, EA’s worldwide project development team is sourcing and co-developing hundreds of high-quality solar projects. Our multiple-GW pipeline is dynamically updating and is ready to present to partners around the world.

The advantages of working with EA include concrete project development support, venture capital available for financing, efficient, target-oriented work in a spirit of partnership, knowledge and experience that enrich the energy portfolio through details about completely developed and approved PV projects, proven expertise in developing concepts for regional energy products and implementation upon request, and professional assistance in setting up your own capacities, with advice, support, and capital. Our portfolio of services includes project development assistance, global project pipeline access and recommendations, technical consultation and preliminary system design, reference database access and site visit, financing projection and analysis, bridge financing solutions proposal, system components resourcing, EPC, and O&M.

utility scale solar plant in desert with mountains in the background
Since our commencement of operation, more than 15 million high-quality EA panels have been installed in thousands of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar applications worldwide. EA products have been constantly contributing clean energy to our planet. EA PV modules can be used for different kinds of on-grid or off-grid applications. EA in-house R&D facilities and constant technological innovation guarantee every EA product remarkable advantages and ensure that EA products always stand out from the rest of the competition. As a recognized innovator, our success in production, technological development, quality control, and product performance distinguishes us as one of the most reliable solar companies in the world. With more than 6.5GW of shipments, EA products are proven to belong to one of the world’s most reliable brands and are best choices in terms of high quality, excellent performance, and entire lifecycle guarantee.
EA delivers leading smart solar energy solutions with proven success references from more than 2850MW of installations around the world. As a vertically integrated solar products manufacturer and an end-to-end lifecycle solar power plant services provider with more than 6GW of experience, EA delivers superior system-level results over competitors. With German quality and expertise across the entire solar energy supply chain, we deliver more predictable and bankable PV energy solutions that increase energy yield, reduce LCOE, and provide stable grid integration, resulting in system solutions that maximize value and minimize risk for our customers.

  • Proven track record in project development with a 5GW project pipeline reserved and 1,000MW close to start.
  • Globally recognized and sophisticated energy solutions based on a proven track record of 2850MW+ installed and 1,000MW close to start.
  • High quality power plant solutions backed by a globally recognized insurance company ensure safe return on your investment.
  • Seamless access to major financial institutions around the globe enables EA to navigate through financing and incentives to maximize solar returns for customers and partners.
  • Maximize value, mitigate risk, and optimize the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)
  • One-stop, benefits-rich services make power plant investment easy and convenient.
The portfolio for electricity generators has changed greatly with the profitability of renewable energies, which offers energy providers opportunities with respect to positioning and regional marketing when you establish appropriate generation capacities. The energy turnaround is not yet realizable everywhere, but it has already taken place in many regions. In many rural districts and municipalities, we have already realized a 100% renewable energy supply. And the figure is growing all the time. Switch over to the future. We will show you the way.

Power Plant Engineering

Project Design & Engineering Project Value

EA expert engineers have designed hundreds of MW plants and abide by standard plant engineering to configure PV plants that maximize project value. By applying our experience and expertise to meticulously configure PV plant parameters, we ensure that our PV plants deliver the maximum financial results.

We Design Power Plants to Maximize Energy Output & Project Value
Our expert engineers have designed more than 2850 MW of PV plants. With a commitment to optimize design, we go beyond standard plant engineering to configure PV plants that maximize project value. By applying our experience and expertise to carefully configure PV plant parameters, we ensure that our PV plants deliver maximum financial results. We ensure this through the experience and expertise of our German and other European engineers, and through our access to highly efficient and quality in-house products. Besides reliability and durability, projects also feature an exceptional price-performance ratio.

Modulated Power Plant Product Ensures Construction Efficiency & Optimized LCOE
Since projects are different, EA Solar designs solar projects to maximize electricity yield and minimize LCOE by considering all factors, such as local irradiance, weather, soil, wind, topography, layout, technology selection, and system configuration. Having engineered several global utility-scale power plants following industry best practices and designed hundreds of solar systems, EA smart energy solutions is able to provide global customers with complete system design and engineering services. Our global design and engineering operation center, backed by experienced talents and regional supporting subsidiaries in more than 20 countries, provides sophisticated, professional services from the preliminary project development stage through commissioning. Our team consistently follows design guidelines and standards that ensure maximized system safety, reliability, and economy of investment.

utility scale power plant with solar panels in a field and sun setting
  • German engineering and management, international specialists, proven and experienced project teams
  • Leading system design with state-of-the-art technology and profound engineering know-how
  • Compliance with DIN industry norms and VDE guidelines
  • Top-quality key components from bankable suppliers
  • Master-slave inverters
  • Low-loss transformers
  • Optimization of cabling for direct current losses of <1%
  • Scheduling dependability in all project steps
  • Convincing performance and success balance
  • High-performance guarantee
  • Highest possible power plant performance capability, reliability, and safety
Energy America is one of the leading players in the development, design & engineering, financing, EPC, operation & maintenance, and asset management of solar power plants. The company provides high-quality turnkey solar power plant solutions, designed, and engineered in America, and to end investors internationally. We are a manufacturer-independent integrated developer, focusing on tailor-made solar power plant solutions that maximize lifecycle performance and investor returns.

EA employs over 1000 experts in all areas along the solar power plant value chain. The company operates internationally from offices in United States, the United Kingdom, the Latin America, Australia, Eastern Europe, India, and Southeast Asia, as well as several joint ventures across Africa and the Middle East.
With the tremendous growth in utility-scale solar, EA is strategically poised in the global marketplace, as we aggressively seek out and develop projects in this expanding and ever-changing arena. Establishing key partnerships with strategic and experienced finance and Engineering, with the tremendous growth in utility-scale solar, EA is strategically poised in the global marketplace, as we aggressively seek out and develop projects in this expanding and ever-changing arena.

Establishing key partnerships with strategic and experienced finance and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) organizations, provides EA with the financing and technical expertise to successfully implement these large-scale projects in the global marketplace. Presently, projects are being developed globally, including India, Latin, USA, Africa, middle east, and the Caribbean Islands, where the need for power is tremendous and renewable resources such as solar are abundant. As the project developer for these 10 MW + size solar projects, EA brings all project development pieces together including feasibility studies; land acquisition; Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) acquisition and management; interconnection and environmental services; project financing; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services; and operations and maintenance (O&M) services. Energy America’s global solutions division which is situated in California manages and controls power plant development, engineering throughout seven continents.

> 11710 MWp

Solar power plants built and in construction

> 7.5 GWp

Pipeline of solar power projects

> 1270 MWp

Operations &

> 2100 MWp

Solar power asset management

Power Plant Development

Like developing any power project, developing a solar energy project is a complex process. For a solar energy project to be successful, the many parts of the development process must all come together. Typically, this process can take several years.

Project DevelopmentFinancial SolutionsOperations & Maintenance
Site QualificationPPA AgreementsSolar Monitoring
Review of Energy CostsDebt FinancingPerformance Reporting
Incentive AnalysisEquity PurchasesPanel Cleaning
Financial ModelingLease AgreementsScheduled Maintenance
System DesignPartnership FlipsUnscheduled Maintenance
Material ProcurementTax Equity FinancingLong-term O&M Contracts
Installation & Commissioning
solar panel professional installing solar panels
Many factors are evaluated in deciding whether a location is suitable for solar development. The following considerations need to be taken into account: exposure of the site to the sun over the course of the year, seasonal weather patterns, shading, and specific terrain features such as general orientation and slopes…

  • availability of sufficient, usable land
  • proximity to utility electrical lines and substations that have room for additional power.
  • access to public roads
  • environmental aspects of the site, such as the presence of sensitive species, wetlands or
  • past contamination
  • local, state, and federal permitting requirements
  • support of the local community
  • cost of construction at the site, including steepness of grade, roughness, and soil conditions
A solar energy project requires one or more signed land agreements, usually in the form of lease or easement agreements. EA works closely with each landowner to understand his or her unique circumstances and needs. Typical land agreements have a pre-construction period during which EA will pursue solar resource assessment, environmental characterization, permitting, grid connection, power sales, site design and other development activities. If project development is successful, the pre-construction period is followed by project construction and then operations. Under a typical lease agreement, the operations period has an initial term of thirty years, with options for the project to extend up to an additional twenty years.
EA conducts environmental reviews at prospective sites in order to ensure that a project is compatible with the local environment. Such reviews help identify any threatened or endangered species or wetlands on the site, any historical or archaeological features of the site, and any previous environmental contamination in or near the site. The results of environmental assessments are used to design projects that minimize potential environmental impacts and to avoid sites where environmental impacts are unacceptable
EA conducts electrical engineering studies to confirm that the utility grid can accept additional electricity. We then initiate a formal study process with the electric utility that ultimately results in an agreement to allow the project to connect and transmit electricity into the utility grid.
EA determines what permits are necessary and what environmental, engineering and other studies are necessary or recommended to address environmental and permitting requirements. Permits may be required from local, state, and federal bodies and can include land use, environmental, siting, building and other permits.
A reliable and creditworthy power purchaser must be identified. EA originates long-term power sales agreements with electric utilities or power marketers who purchase the electricity. EA’s principals have originated and negotiated power sales agreements for many renewable energy projects across the U.S.
Access to capital is critical for renewable energy projects. Financiers will consider the quality of the project and the project team’s track record in developing and completing successful projects. EA’s experience encompasses development and construction finance, term loans, and highly structured equity investment. EA’s principals have been involved in the development, sale, and financing of thousands of megawatts of renewable energy projects in the U.S. and overseas and have developed strong relationships with a select group of financial institutions and energy companies in the financing of power projects.
EA is not affiliated with any single manufacturer of solar equipment, and this independence allows us to procure the most competitive, reliable, and technically suitable equipment for each project. In addition, we have extensive experience negotiating engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts for renewable power projects, and in working with the major renewable power (EPC) contractors.
Plant LayoutsPurchasingInstallation
Cost CalculationLogistic ServicesCoordination
Yield AnalyseQuality ControlSite Supervision
Technical PlanningQuality Inspection

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Transforming the Utility-Scale Solar Market

With over 150 utility-scale projects successfully completed across the country, EA offers years of experience working with major utilities and a keen understanding of what makes solar development projects successful.

Not only do we offer development services for projects we build for ourselves, but we also provide EPC and O&M services to utilities and other developers, so that collectively, we can bring more solar to more communities across the country.

Proven track record of successful execution – trusted by utilities nationwide

Over 2.2GW installed solar nationwide

More than 3.5GW in our development pipeline

Industry-leading environmental team focused on sustainable planting practices

Our development group has been successful in determining viable locations for new utility solar projects, with a focus on maintaining the proper respect for natural resources. We work directly with landowners during site selection while negotiating customized purchase agreements with system owners. We are committed to developing a cleaner future, keeping family farmland in the family while generating new revenue and energy independence for generations to come.

Business man in construction hat holding ipad and standing in front of solar panels

Visionaries of Solar Solutions

We offer Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for projects we develop and for projects developed by third parties.
Management of the day-to-day operations and preventative maintenance, including site safety and security, vegetation management, performance engineering and analytics.
Specializing in customized financial solutions – structuring non-recourse project debt financing and raising project equity capital from strategically positioned and tax-oriented industry equity investors.

Operation & Maintenance

Independent Solar Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance, & Asset Management

Your PV solar system has been installed and is working at full capacity. Now, ensure that it stays that way. We understand the importance of maintaining large scale PV solar systems from an asset manager’s point of view. With over a decade of operating and maintaining commercial and utility solar facilities, Blue EA’s service team proactively protects and maximizes our customers’ solar investments.

Solar Facility Longevity

Our solar PV systems are designed to provide 30 years of continuous operation, based on predicted return on investment. Thirty years is a long time, however, and you should expect some unexpected maintenance demands due to events such as severe weather, premature component failure, grid fluctuation, and rodent intrusion. EA has been performing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) on commercial and utility-scale solar photovoltaic systems across the United States since 2010. Because every project and owner have its own unique needs, we optimize an asset management plan for each client.

Independent Commissioning, Benchmarking & Audits

Commissioning is a comprehensive verification process which helps ensure an installed project aligns to its engineering plans and energy predictions. Commissioning can be performed prior to commercial operation and at many stages during the long-term operations of the project. We recommended all or portions of our commissioning process at regular intervals to ensure optimal system integrity for the solar energy facility’s lifespan.

Our PV system commissioning checklist and performance testing serve as an empirical benchmark for future diagnostics. The level of rigor behind our system audits and inspections is unparalleled. Because we are an engineering (link to Design page) and construction (link to Build page) company first, we inspect the system from an engineer’s and contractor’s perspective. Our solar commissioning services are recognized and appreciated by financing institutions, Independent Power Producers, and utility companies.

Our commercial and utility scale PV system commissioning activities include:

  • Complete record drawing plan review
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections
  • Site easement and roadway inspections
  • Current and Voltage (IV) curve tracing of all solar array strings
  • Open circuit and short circuit string testing
  • Torque checks on electrical connections and hardware
  • Thermal image scans
  • Visual inspection for proper installation, weathering, and workmanship
  • Conductor integrity and identification
  • Inverter performance verification
  • Tracking system performance and calibration verification
  • Meter calibration and inspections
  • Full system performance testing
  • Warranty and performance guarantee reviews
  • Meteorological system testing, calibration, and performance validation
  • Performance guarantee validation and long-term system testing

Asset Management

Partners in Long Term Performance

We provide stakeholders with a single point of contact for all desired investment-level services, such as solar investment fund analysis and calculations, regulatory and contractual compliance, as well as lessee- and plant-level services such as operating expense budgeting and payment, monthly and annual operating performance, and maintenance reporting. Our team will review your deal documents and prepare a custom package for you, leveraging our in-house legal, financial, investment management, environmental and analytical experience at a price point that your investment fund can afford.

  • Sample Service Offerings
  • Contract Administration and Compliance
  • Cash Management Coordination
  • Financial Reporting Preparation & Review
  • PPA & Incentive Invoicing
  • PPA & Incentive Rate Validation
  • Annual Operating Budget Preparation
  • Operating Expense Scheduling
  • Quarterly Budget Variance Reporting
  • Insurance Compliance Analysis
  • Plant Revenue Reporting
  • Regulatory Agency Reporting
  • When Experience Matters

We have the experience required to deliver a scope that not only meets your contractual obligations but also delivers information at the perfect level of technical detail and operational granularity to meet your analytical and reporting needs. Whether you seek a high-level summary of free cash flow and distributions or prefer to get into details such as whether you beat the budget because of property tax savings or all of the sunny days last month, we will ensure the information you need is at your fingertips when you need it. EA Services continues to transform the financial characteristics of the solar industry by bringing more sustainable revenue streams to more customers across the country.

Sustainable Business Growth by Partnering with EA Solar

As the well-recognized solar smart energy solutions provider, EA firmly believes that sustainable business growth can be achieved only while all shareholders benefit from cooperation. We offer a wide range of support, services, and programs benefiting our customers around the world. Both solar module customers, like installers, integrators, distributors, and EPC, and power plant partners, including developers, commercial users, utility companies, and investors, consistently benefit from EA comprehensive and benefit-rich partnership services.

Comprehensive Partnership Supports to Solar Module Business Partners Worldwide

Besides ordinary services, EA provides extensive and unique supports for worldwide strategic partners developed exclusively for long-term partnership enhancement and maintenance. The win-win cooperation with partners worldwide is an essential part of our sustainable business growth.

Some of the Exclusive Services We Provide to Partners

  • Strategic cooperation agreement and exclusive or non-exclusive cooperation rights authorization
  • Special commercial support policy and arrangement
  • Business co-development and co-marketing cooperation
  • Enterprise resource sharing and data exchange
  • Access to global customer leads
  • Industry and investment consulting
  • Market and product training service
  • System design and engineering support
  • Technical support platform sharing and data
  • Marketing content development
  • Marketing campaign planning
  • Customer communication sponsorship
  • Marketing materials development assistance
  • Real-time production and logistics tracking service
  • Exclusive service team assigned and 24/7 services
  • Other necessary services as needed

*Available support and service will be provided after bilateral writing confirmation.

We have the experience required to deliver a scope that not only meets your contractual obligations but also delivers information at the perfect level of technical detail and operational granularity to meet your analytical and reporting needs. Whether you seek a high-level summary of free cash flow and distributions or prefer to get into details such as whether you beat the budget because of property tax savings or all of the sunny days last month, we will ensure the information you need is at your fingertips when you need it.

Vertical Integration Powers the Possibilities

EA is uniquely structured with deep and diverse expertise in each of the value chain functions, minimizing our reliance on outsourcing. Our experience is what makes us different.

Vertical Integration

Unlike some of its competitors, EA is not dependent on any one market, which gives us the financial stability to weather inevitable market changes and uncertainties. And because we offer the full breadth of development, EPC, O&M and asset management services either a-la-carte or as part of a turnkey project, we have the ability to see long-term and work toward achieving long-term success.

We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of silicon solar panels from “sand to sun.” That means we control the entire manufacturing process, from polysilicon to wafers and from solar cell production to solar panel assembly. Highly automated production of ingots, wafers, solar cells and panels ensures tight control of our materials and production quality.

up close of equipment in solar panel facility

Benefits of vertical integration include:

  • Strict quality control measures at all stages of the manufacturing process
  • Elimination of redundancies
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Continuous process and cost optimization along the PV value chain
  • Research & Development Labs
solar construction elements including polysilicon, ingots, wafers, solar cells, and PV modules


Facing global energy crises head-on with world-class R&D and solution designs


Unrivaled solar modules for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications

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