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As a solar module manufacturer, we are on a mission: we want to build trust in solar energy. We want to live sustainably. We want to fight climate change. We want to start today. And we want to show you how you can be part of the solution. Join us in a journey to change the world. Every day, EA is at work for customers all over the world. Long-term reliability and quality have been at the core of our mission from the start. In fact, EA solar modules tested in real-world use have shown minimal power degradation even after more than 30 years of continuous operation.

As global energy consumption increases, and people in remote areas still live with no access to electricity, EA views solar as crucial for the future of our society. To bring its potential to everyone, we continue to invest and innovate at full speed. Here are just some of our many advantages.

Our experienced global teams have helped a range of industry partners, including developers, EPCs, distributors, and solar system integrators to bring gigawatts of solar projects to life. We understand what it takes to succeed in the global energy industry. We provide the local knowledge and global sophistication that you expect to make your company’s solar project a success.

When you choose a solar panel manufacturer, you’re not just selecting a piece of electrical equipment; you’re entering a decades-long relationship. Our local customer support teams, spread across offices around the world, are proactive and responsive in helping you tackle the unique challenges associated with bringing your solar projects to life and ensuring long-term performance. 2019 marked a major step in EA’s history, as we joined forces with American Sunergy. A project development arm of Energy America, American Sunergy designs and builds solar farms across the USA and other regions.

Why Energy America

American Manufacturing

Energy America is uniquely recognized as America’s solar provider. While energy America has production facilities across the globe, most of the EA panels sold in the U.S. are made right here.​

We source only the highest-quality components and materials from reputable and proven suppliers across the globe to manufacture above engineering standards, so our modules last above warranted years and with highest energy output and at the same time find ways to keep the cost low.

We strictly control the creation of every EA solar system from beginning to end. Our state-of-the-art facility in California and around the globe produces hundreds of MW each year.

Because of this commitment to excellence, our solar panels—and our operations consistently meet or exceed the most stringent performance, environmental and employment standards.

  • Highest quality products
  • Local & overseas warranty and product support
  • Money spent stimulates the U.S. economy and creates U.S. jobs
  • Processes meet stringent U.S. labor and environmental policies

Quality by Energy America

EA power plants start adding value from the very start. The greater the quality and stability of a system, the more certain the expected yields. The following factors are relevant for reliable, high yields: the system components, the configuration, the construction, the financing, and the right tools to cover risks.​

As a leading photovoltaic producer, EA draws on a strong wealth of expertise in the production of modules and cells. This affords you several advantages at once:

  • The component that is essential to achieving strong yields – the solar module – is engineered and finished within EA. Thanks to our technological know-how and cooperation with brand-name manufacturers of accessory components, we can configure the system ideally to provide the greatest possible efficiency.
  • EA manufactures its own modules. This means that key components are always available. In the event of technical problems, replacements can be found quickly. This in turn reduces complications for your facility and secures more reliable yields.
  • This outstanding technical availability makes it possible for EA to offer unusually transparent and economical operating and maintenance services. You select a service level, and we operate your equipment, including for third-party business as well.
  • EA modules are among the most efficient and powerful modules on the market. With the EA Yield Security, they are also the most reliable. The uncompromising quality strategy significantly cuts the risks of module downtimes.
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Our commitment encompasses both economic and social sustainability and includes our factories, suppliers, and employees. It is part of our identity and clearly differentiates EA from the rest of the solar manufacturing industry. Our corporate culture encourages employees to live and work sustainably. We provide opportunities for employees to get involved in local recycling programs, reduce their workday commutes and support green initiatives in their communities.

Our sustainability efforts focus on three primary areas: energy conservation and climate protection, waste and air pollution reduction, and water conservation. The details of our sustainability performance are part of EA’s Annual Group Report and describe how the sustainability principle is integrated into EA’s corporate strategy.


Energy America plays an important role in setting new benchmarks for the global industry by fostering best practices, world-class quality standards, and sound policies. We are committed to providing clean, sustainable solutions throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle of our products.

Continuous Improvement
Energy America is an industry leader in sustainable business and manufacturing practices with a proven track record of excellence. Because we recognize there is always room to grow, we continue to research and develop more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of producing our solar panels.

Responsible Third-Party Reporting
It is EA’s policy to be as open and transparent as possible around our processes. Working with accredited third-party partners to help us measure and confirm our performance on key metrics of sustainable manufacturing. These reports let us set goals, track our progress, and stay accountable to our employees, communities, and customers.


Structural changes in energy supply are in full swing and photovoltaic is playing a leading role in the future energy mix.Power generation with solar power plants is more efficient than ever before. Solar power plants from EA are a sustainable investment with secure, long-term high returns, low maintenance costs and fast construction times.

Energy America is unique because of its proven track record of scalability and capital-efficient business model.

The Company’s business and financial results in 2019 were one of the best in its history, with record-high sales of solar panels. In terms of shipments for the consecutive years in a row, providing not only earnings stability but also earnings growth. Each of its business segments delivered a strong performance, which shaped Energy America over the past years to derive a greater share of the market, sales, customers, and revenue from the relatively stable business. These relatively stable factors enable Energy America to consistently rank as a solar industry leader.


Energy America, when it comes to fulfillment, our strength goes beyond as we stand behind our product, careful selection of raw materials to R&D, efficiency, and durability, we are financially strong. we strive on challenges, what why Energy America Solar Modules are carefully designed, our engineers are working towards technology evolution, this is a result of high-efficiency solar modules, At Energy America,

EA offers you a single source for all development and project activities, from planning and design through to project construction and network connection as well as maintenance and care of complete solar power plants. On request, we can take over all the crucial steps of project management for you, as a general contractor (EPC contractor), and stand as an experienced partner at your side through planning, component selection, and funding. One of the most trusted brands you can count on to provide the highest energy output.


Energy America has a strong line of customer base, a diversified market, and a solid track record. To date, the company has shipped more than 10 GW of its modules in the last 10 years to a more than a high percentage of customers in 50 countries. In addition, Energy America enjoys a strong global network effect by offering integrated local services with the largest coverage of developers, distributors, dealers, and users.

Through a commitment to innovative research and development, Energy America continues to set industry standards and benchmarks for performance and sustainability. We have been responsible for several global breakthroughs, having set records for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power output since 2010.

Production-Delivery Time

Our customers depend heavily on our ability to deliver products with a short lead time. Energy America’s production time is one of the most competitive compared to peers in the solar PV industry. All our smart factories continue to break cycle time records, thanks to integrated planning systems and a high degree of automation.

Energy America has a proven record of providing customers with consistent on-time delivery. It has re-engineered its demand fulfillment system and has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing planning and dispatching system that further enhances the accuracy of deliveries. Energy America’s demand for accuracy requires that deliveries are neither too late nor too early, as both could possibly affect customers’ project deployment.

Smart Solutions

EA delivers leading smart solar energy solutions with proven success references from more than 2GW of installations around the world. As one of the globally recognized solar module suppliers and an end-to-end lifecycle solar power plant services provider with more than 10GW of experience, EA delivers superior system-level results over competitors.

With German quality and expertise across the entire solar energy supply chain, we deliver more predictable and bankable PV energy solutions that increase energy yield, reduce LCOE, and provide stable grid integration, resulting in system solutions that maximize value and minimize risk for our customers.

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